D.L.K'S Story

The Donner Lake Kitchen has been operating since the mid-1970's in Truckee, one of the longest running in the area. Our family (The Money's) purchased the business in the early '90s. We had to walk away from the business in 2011 due to an ADA lawsuit, which broke our hearts! We opened up in Sierraville, CA, that same year with our same menu. We were surprised at how many of our faithful customers followed us down there, being a 25-minute drive from Truckee. As it turns out, the business in our "old" location put their business up for sale in the summer of 2014, and they bought it back with the help of our "Investor Angel." We're so thrilled to be able to move the Donner Lake Kitchen back to our "old" location and are truly so appreciative of the warm reception on coming back to Truckee!

Just two of our most important staff members. 

Rafael and Lilly have been with us since they were in their teens! 

We are so fortunate and thankful to have them and their family as part of our family! 

This restaurant would not be the same without all ofour amazing staff members! 

Owners, Kelley and Billy Money had the pleasure of raising 

their three children in this establishment! 

They are all now in their 20's and help their mom with the business! Unfortunately Billy passed away in 2015 but will always be remembered here by all of us and many customers!